Ballet Works Choreographed by Sallyann Mulcahy, 1995 - 2012


Allemande and Such Jepthe Reserved Ground
Amazing Grace Juliette A Reverence
Annette Just For Fun Romance
Ballet Premiere Lakme Separation
The Black Pirate Life Into Flesh Shall We Dance?
Black Swan Llorando Song
Celebration Magnificat Song of a New Voice
C’est Magnifique March of the Toy Soldiers Stormseeker
Colors of France A Montana Dream Tango
Coming Home New Year Blues Tribute
A Delicate Force Notes Trois Femmes
Endeavor On My Terms Transcendence
Fandango One Breath in Time Voices Four
For Those of Us Out of Ashes Waltz
The Full Monty Les Patineurs Whims
The Hollywood Way Peter and the Wolf Winter Flurries
Horizons Prairie Winter Solstice
The Inquisition of Don Miguel Rapture Wiseman or Fool?